Seems like many that have stories to tell are not willing to tell them. When I was growing up I used to hear all these great stories of what it was like in the industry from family members and people in the business.

The being placed in very long credits is something new, started in the 1960’s.

Before that it was basically only main characters and crew heads.

These are people that have to depend upon a system today that its nearly impossible to prove you were in something because more 50% of what has been shit before modern storage systems and preservation existed.

More then 60% of the westerns I was in are gone forever and of those minor  films pristine prints are few and far between because they were cut for broadcast.

You could have played a substantial part of in many film before the 60’s and find what you did has been lost forever,

Other then what you are those in your family know about what many of us has done is fading away with time.

Here is the place to talk abut yourself or others talk about those that have left us and at 84 I am part of the vanishing members of the industry.

Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern