It crowdfunded over half a million dollars! Today we’re reinventing America’s favorite food with the GoSun Solar Dogger.
Solar Dogger’s innovative design cooks two hot dogs or sausages in 10 minutes, with ONLY sunlight. Here’s how it works: Solar Dogger uses a unique solar vacuum tube that surrounds and insulates your favorite banger, würst or wiener while it cooks using trapped sunlight. It never burns and moisture is trapped so everything tastes better! It hits temperatures above 550°F (280°C) while remaining cool to the touch and uses absolutely no fuel!
No messy charcoal. No dangerous fires. No more lung clogging smoke. Kids love it! Plus the Solar Dogger weighs less than three pounds, works in all kinds of weather conditions and is sold with an educational kit explaining the technology.
We just launched the GoSun Solar Dogger on Indiegogo. See at