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Summer is heating up and so is FullMoonStreaming with this week’s HOT releases! Plus, check out this sneak peek at the totally non-PC commercials HERE and HERE running on the El Rey Network during the GINGERDEADMAN marathon this Friday. We reveal special prices and offers on throughout the month of July!

Tune in Wednesday July 13th and watch Parasite Dolls where very EVIL things arrive in small packages! Serving time for a minor offense in a brutal women’s detention center, Eva finds herself at the mercy of an evil, sadistic guard and a gang led by Killa Kim. Eva makes a midnight wish to a box of tiny South American Worry Dolls. The Dolls crawl into her ear at night, possessing her with the dark powers she needs to exact wicked vengeance! Directed by Charles Band and previously released as Dangerous Worry Dolls.

Thursday we premiere the latest episode of our new original series Haunted Hollywood hosted by Dave Del Valle. This week Ep 4: Flesh Eaters. This film is a true guilty pleasure of the horror genre as we follow the exploits of mad scientist Martin Kosleck. He creates a monster out of particles that when ingested literally eat their way out of his victim’s bodies while they scream in agony. Martin Kosleck spent his career playing Nazi villains and perverts. David Del Valle got to know him personally and witnessed much of his debachery first hand from passing out at Hollywood parties to cruising for guys in West Hollywood. Check out The Flesh Eaters and see if you can keep from dying of laughter as Del Valle takes you inside and out of the creatures that cause one victim to scream “There is something inside of me eating it’s way out!”

Currently playing from our Something Weird catalogue we present the very weird title The Body Beneath(1970). Prissy preacher Algernon Ford is actually an ancient vampire organizing a family reunion! Despondent over his “deteriorating bloodline,” the good Reverend, his hunchback servant, and a trio of green-faced bloodsuckers rent Carfax Abbey and make the acquaintance of three of his female descendants. The Reverend Ford Plans on using Susan, the prettiest of his ancestors, as a breeder for vampire babies…Sex and violence courtesy of cult director Andy Milligan!

Finally, check out Trailers From Hello Volume 34 ‘EVIL WHEN WET’ this Friday! This volume includes all things horrible that are less than dry! Watch trailers for Eaten Alive (commentary by Mick Garris), Creature from the Black Lagoon (commentary by Howard Rodman), The Green Slime are Coming (commentary by John Landis), The Beast form 20,000 Fathoms (commentary by Darren Bousman) and The Alligator People (commentary by Joe Dante).
Every week, Full Moon Streaming will bring you an episode each one wilder than the last. So be sure you log on often to get your fix. Trailers From Hell is film school crushed into bloody, brilliant byte sized master classes. If you need to catch up – Volume 1 through Volume 33 are currently streaming and can be seen on demand!
Have Fun!!

Episode 1 of Haunted Hollywood
Episode 2 The Wasp Woman
Episode 3 The Klansman Playing now

Episode 4 Flesh Eaters coming this Friday:

Writer, author, media personality and legendary cinema gadfly David Del Valle to host unique 20 part TV series profiling the strangest, spookiest tales in Hollywood history.

Writer, film historian and celebrated horror obsessive David Del Valle has led a remarkable life on the fringes of Hollywood and has, over his 40 plus years immersing himself in fan culture, collected enough stories to fill the pages of dozens of books.

In fact, Del Valle has indeed released several books over the years (including the well-reviewed SIX REELS UNDER) charting his amusing, often profound and insightful adventures with cinema’s most fascinating figures. But now, the genre culture mainstay has partnered up with producers Charles Band and David Decoteau for his first ever TV show; a lively, funny and insightful blast of anecdotal cool called HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD.

HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD is a 20 part series EXCLUSIVE to FullMoonStreaming, written and hosted by Del Valle, who picks a figure from Hollyweird’s storied – and often tragic – past and tells their darkest true life (and death) tales, often offering incredible, sometimes controversial personal stories of his experiences with them.

Del Valle also shares remarkable exclusive photos culled from his “The Del Valle Archives” memorabilia collection. There’s truly no other film culture series quite like it, with each fascinating episode of HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD leading and bleeding into the screening of a classic film that figures into the tale being told.

“I’m so excited to see our little show come screaming into the world,” said Del Valle.

“HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD works symbiotically with my books, telling my stories about my adventures with genre cinemas greatest eccentrics and their sometimes sad, but always colorful lives. I hope audiences have as much fun watching it as we did making it.”

HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD is  a unique and wildly entertaining series, offering the candor, intellect, inside insight and caustic wit that Del Valle is known for in his many media ventures (including his column “Camp Grindhouse” in Full Moon’s acclaimed DELRIUM magazine).

To start watching HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD now, subscribe to today and start your journey into the coolest portal to strange cinema in the streaming universe. FullMoonStreaming offers hundreds of incredible titles – with new ones added every week – culled from not only the vast Full Moon Features library, but from the Eurogenre world of Bill Lustig’s Blue Underground label, the exploitation funhouse that is Something Weird Video. Joe Dante’s acclaimed series TRAILERS FROM HELL and many, many more!