For the first time NEXT events will take place at the entrance of the Village International on the Pantiero side – the site previously occupied by Canal+ – and will feature installations, interactive films, screenings, conferences and workshops on subjects such as big data, theatres of the future, and VOD opportunities.

Each slot will screen twice and is curated by international partners from a handful of countries with active VR industries. After the viewing session, attendees will move to the adjoining conference room to discuss the
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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
nuts and bolts of production and distribution with the creative brains behind the works.
VR screenings will include work from acclaimed Montreal-based creators Felix and Paul, as well as Denmark’s Makropol, Madagascar director Eric Darnell, and ARTE France.

PickupVRCinema will run the VR screenings because, according to the Marché, “it is the first space entirely dedicated to VR in France where audiences can discover VR content (movies and experiences alike) in the best conditions.”
“And with a spectacular VR installation they will be able not only to have a first experience in 360 degrees filming but also discover great films.”

Oculus Story Studio among presenting attendees
In addition, NEXT will present two VR projects in the making: Fan Club by Vincent Ravalec (a-Bahn) andNEXT by Olivier Pesch (Samsa Films). Oculus Story Studio will discuss its early forays into VR and storytelling in the medium.
“NEXT pavilion and its programming are exploding in sync with the arrival of VR and interactive films on the market,” said the Marché’s head of industry programmes Julie Bergeron.

“It was important for us to find a way of showing these films as a collective experience and offer a space where they can be presented in a market environment, not only as an individual experience. With the VR screening room, we are pioneering the possibility to book a market screening and offer a collective viewing of VR to the Marché participants.”
As to whether the NEXT pavilion would become a bustling hub of deal-making, the head of industry programmes said: “That’s the question… It’s for the industry and the idea for them is to discover [VR] and see the scope of it and what can be done.”

Bergeron added. “For film-makers [VR is] really powerful. In two or three minutes you understand physically and intellectually and emotionally everything about the subject… Film-makers understand very fast that they can tell the story with empathy. It’s a new way of storytelling.”

“We see a boom of requests and opportunities this year for NEXT,” said Marché executive director Jérôme Paillard. “The fast evolution of the market is a catalyst for innovations from every domain, from financing to marketing.
“NEXT will be almost a village by itself where producers and professionals from around the world will be able to nurture. They will be able to discover a large spectrum of topics about the challenges and changes that the cinema industry today is facing.

VR installations include the Matrix-like Real Virtuality by Artanim, a multi-user immersive platform combining a 3D environment with a real stage set, and Giant by Milica Zec and Winslow Turner Porter III, a five-minute exploration of war presented by HP.

Bergeron said the schedule would break new ground. “For the industry, one of the big discussions we will have is how monetisation will evolve. There’s more and more content but it’s not the same model as film and it needs to be worked out… Who is going to pay for it and make money out of it?”
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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
A ‘panorama’ of diversity
Michel Reilhac, artistic consultant for VR Days who has curated a special programme, said: “This first-ever VR Days at NEXT in Cannes proposes a panorama of the incredible diversity of the international VR landscape. 2016 is the birth year of VR as a new media accessible for everyone.

NEXT VR Days Sunday May 15 and Monday May 16
All synopses provided by Cannes Marché.

Body/Mind/Change Redux Teaser Dirs: J.Lee Williams, Blair Renaud Pdr: Ana Serrano A CFC Media Lab Production in co-production with TIFF and in association with OccupiedVR Body/Mind/Change Redux Teaser, starring David Cronenberg, immerses audiences in a “Cronenbergian” world inspired by the film Videodrome. Length: (7:00)
Technolust: the short film Dir: Blair Renaud Pdr: J. Lee Williams An OccupiedVR Production Technolust: the short film is a taste of the award-winning Virtual Reality Adventure set in a near-future cyberpunk world, made for Oculus Rift. Length: (7:00)

The Closet Dir: Ian Tuason
“I am amazed to see how artists, film-makers, animators, illustrators, writers… are already grasping the platform and contributing to the creation of a new language: the immersive storytelling where the spectator experiences empathy with the story, where the story becomes a total experience. This rich diversity is making virtual reality as a new art form. The VR Days prolific programme is the witness of its birth.”
Josh Sobel of US partner Furious M, which only began conversations with the Marché during the Frontières International Co-Production Market that recently concluded in Brussels, said the showcase offered the chance to influence public thinking on the medium.

“Furious M has been focused on bringing high-concept VR to the masses,” said Sobel. “We want to shape the way the public views VR and we believe that exposing them to high quality content in the right way is key to the success of this new medium. We work with storytellers and film-makers to bring their VR vision to the public.”
Canadian Genre-VR Film Series presented by CFC Media Lab in association with Fantasia International Film Festival and its co-production market Frontières, and Telefilm Canada. The line-up features three world premieres from the CFC Media Lab, OccupiedVR and CreamVR Productions.
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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
Pdr: Ana Serrano A CFC Media Lab Production A young man investigates strange, supernatural forces in his new home when he discovers an even stronger, insatiable force where he least expects it. Length: (5:00)
War Of The Dead Dirs: Brian Rice, Tristan Cezair, Andrew MacDonald Pdr: Kim Creelman EPs: David Brady, Kate Harrison Mayhem surrounds Civil War soldiers when zombies overtake the battle trenches in a Virtual Reality onslaught of blood and guts. Length: (7:00)

A US VR focus presented by Furious M.
Invasion! Dir: Eric Darnell Pdr: Maureen Fan Baobab Studios Baobab Studios’ Invasion! is a computer-animated VR interactive from the director of Madagascar that pits invading aliens against two meek, adorable creatures: fluffy white bunnies! And you are one of them. Length: (6:08)
The Second Line: A Parade Against Violence Dirs: Angel Manuel Soto, Matt Ogens Pdr: RYOT & AP RYOT March alongside New Orleans’ famed brass bands through neighbourhoods, streets, and alleys – in a public protest against violence. Length: (5:12)

RYOT 360 Reel Pdr: Ryot RYOT lets you become the story with immersive virtual reality and 360 degree video, ushering in a new era of journalism and new media. Length: (1:12)

Repensando A Cuba Dirs: Gabriel Lifton-Zoliine, Angel Manuel Soto Pdr: Gabriel Lifton-Zoline RYOT RYOT went to Havana to see what everyday Cubans thought of Obama’s visit, the unconventional Cuba, and what makes Cuba so unique in people’s imaginations. We left enchanted by Cuba’s beauty and awed by its complexity. Length: (4:45)
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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
Butts: The VR Experience Dir: Tyler Hurd Pdr: Tyler Hurd Tyler Hurd BUTTS: The VR Experience is an animated VR short about love, trust, and learning what it means to be truly free. It’ll make you laugh, cry, fill you with unimaginable bliss, and return you to that innocent place of childlike wonder you’ve long forgotten. Length: (2:07)

Defrost Episode 1: The Awakening Dir: Randal Kleiser Pdrs: Tanna Frederick, Randal Kleiser Feral Dog Productions, Randal Kleiser Productions, 3Ality Technica, IM360, Furious M Defrost is a 12-part series that transforms you, the viewer, into the main character, Joan Garrison. InEpisode 1 Joan awakens after 30 years in suspended animation and meets her family who have all dramatically changed. Length: (5:37)

Defrost Episode 2: The Best Care Dir: Randal Kleiser Pdrs: Tanna Frederick, Randal Kleiser Feral Dog Productions, Randal Kleiser Productions, 3Ality Technica, IM360, Furious M In Episode 2 Joan overhears a threat to her recovery and she is unable to communicate to anyone. Length: (5:00)

Two VR programmes made in France presented by ARTE and Unifrance.
SENS Dirs: Charles Ayats, Armand Lemarchand, Marc-Antoine Mathieu Pdr: Marie Blondiaux RED Corner, ARTE France SENS is the first project to adapt a graphic novel into a VR experience. An anonymous wanderer roams in a stripped-down yet labyrinthine universe. All around him, arrows on ever-changing shapes. Where will it lead? Length: (30:00)
Notes On Blindness Dir: Arnaud Colinart, Amaury La Burthe, Peter Middleton, James Spinney AGAT Films After losing his sight in 1983, John Hull began to record an audio diary documenting his discovery of “a world beyond sight”. Hull’s original recordings form the basis of this beautiful animated, interactive documentary, which uses real time 3D, virtual reality and binaural sound to explore the world of the blind. Length: (20:00)

Jours de tournage – Ma Loute de Bruno Dumont Dir: Fouzi Louahem
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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
Pdr: Editions du Bout des Doigts Interview of director Bruno Dumont mixed with VR sequences of him directing his latest feature Ma Loute, presented in Competition – Official Selection at the 2016 Festival de Cannes. Length: (10:00)
I, Philip Dir: Pierre Zandrowicz Pdr: Okio Based on the fiction world of Philip K Dick, the author’s mind has been preserved beyond death. Have his emotional memories been preserved as well? Length: (15:00)

Jet Lag Dir: Pierre Friquet Pdr: Enfin Bref Productions Separated by continents, two women express their love in the absence of each other through dance. Length: (9:00)

Viens! Dir: Michel Reilhac Length: (12:00)

Nomads: Sea Gypsies Dirs: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël Pdr: Stéphane Rituit Felix & Paul Studios Nomads: Sea Gypsies transports the viewer north of Borneo to experience the Bajau Laut’s daily lives. Nomads from the sea, with no land nor nationality, the Bajau either live on stilt houses or on houseboats and always share a communal spirit. Length: (9:11)

Inside The Box Of Kurios Dirs: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël, Michel Laprise Pdrs: Stéphane Rituit, André Lauzon Felix & Paul Studios / Cirque du Soleil Média Step on stage and literally immerse yourself Inside the Box of Kurios Cabinet Of Curiosities from Cirque du Soleil! A mysterious and fascinating realm that disorients your senses and challenges your perceptions, leaving you to wonder: “Is it real, or just a figment of my imagination?”

Made In Quebec VR VR films from Quebec, Canada, presented by SODEC and Phi Centre, in collaboration with the Québec Film And Television Council.
Lebron James: Striving For Greatness Dirs: Félix Lajeuness, Paul Raphaël Pdr: Stéphane Rituit Felix & Paul Studios / Uninterrupted OriginalsLebron James: Striving For Greatness is a cinematic virtual reality experience that transports the viewer in the heart of the NBA superstar’s intensive pre-season training. Length: (12:45)

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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
Length : (10:00)

“O” (teaser) Dirs: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël / François Blouin Pdr: Stéphane Rituit Felix & Paul Studios / Cirque du Soleil Média Co-presented by SODEC and Phi Centre Plunge into ‘O’ – An aquatic world of acrobatics and lyrical theatre Length: (1:30)

Two VR projects presented by Makropol.
Ewa (pilot) Dir: Johan Knattrup Jensen Pdrs: Mads Damsbo, Jakob Hegel MAKROPOL, Meta Film You will be born as Ewa, you will grow up as Ewa, and as Ewa you will fight to free yourself. You will struggle to accept your inner nature, confront your past and the one person that is holding you down – yourself. Length: (8:00)

The Doghouse Dir: Johan Knattrup Jensen Pdr: Mads Damsbo MAKROPOL, Dark Matters and Kanako You are at a family dinner. Mum and dad have made roast beef. Older brother has brought his new girlfriend home for the first time and little brother is trying to avoid the inevitable disaster. Length: (18:00)

A selection of VR documentaries curated by IDFA Doc Lab – International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
DOC Programme 1:

Waves Of Grace Dirs: Gabo Arora, Chris Milk VRSE Step into the virtual shoes of Decontee Davis, who recovered from ebola and now helps other victims of the disease in a township in Monrovia, Liberia. Length: (10:00)
Drawing Room Dirs: Jan Rothuizen, Sara Kolster Step into the first “drawn reality” by Jan Rothuizen, about the “premium experience” of the tower room in an Amsterdam department store.
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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
Length: (10:00)

Doc Programme 2:
6 X 9 an immersive experience of solitary confinement Dirs: Francesca Panetta, Lindsay PoultonThe Guardian An immersive experience of solitary confinement by The Guardian. Length: (10:00)

My Mother’s Wing Dirs: Gabo Arora, Ari Palitz VRSE In Gaza, foundations are built, destroyed, and built again. This virtual reality experience follows the struggle and strength of a mother coping with the death of her two children in the 2014 war. Length: (8:00)

DMZ: Memories Of No Man’s Land Dir: Hayoun Kwon Innerspace VR A virtual reality exploration of the heavily guarded border between North and South Korea makes the paranoia of the Cold War palpable. Length: (10:00)
LoVR Dir: Aaron Bradbury A virtual reality love trip through the brain activity that occurs in the staggering moment you fall in love; a poem written in data. Length: (5:00)

A special NEXT programme curated by Michel Reilhac, NEXT’s artistic consultant.
Simon Dir: James Hedley A young man with a disability claims his right to be seen and fully exist. Length: (6:19)

Witness 360:7/7 Dir: Darren Emerson One survivor of the London bombings of July 7, 2005, talks about that day and gives us a sense of the trauma that still haunts her. Length: (15:00)

Fabulous Dir: Toby Coffey Fall down the rabbit hole and explore the magical, vibrant world of in this animated musical video take on the stage show of the same name created by The Royal National Theatre in London. Watch and listen as the Cheshire cat hovers above like a magnificent holographic airship whilst serenading you to
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News – Le Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes – 13 – 22 May 2015
“Fabulous”, a song from the show. Length: (4:00)

Amani Dirs: Eelko Ferwerda and Joris Weerts Pdr: Raymond Van Der Kaaij Revolver Amsterdam A young child girl exploited and abused as a modern slave in a family today in Africa. Length: (5:00)

Summertime Dir: Nir Sa’ar Pdrs: Tal Haring, Inbal Shirin Anlen, Adi Lavy Steamer Lab & Green Productions Girl meets boy. It’s all fun and games till you lose a part of yourself… Length: (10:00)

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Sonar Dir: Philip Maas A drone receives a faint distress call emerging from an unknown asteroid. When it journeys to locate the source of the signal, it ventures into a deep, ancient labyrinth that holds a secret even darker than space itself. Length: (6:00)

Fan Club (teaser) Dir: Vincent Ravalec a_Bahn Vincent Ravalec takes you into his virtual universe. He presents his new film and the challenges he faces as a film-maker using virtual reality.